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Culinary Arts Studies and Internship in Tel Aviv

6-months culinary internships

Culinary Arts Studies and Internship in Tel Aviv

.New for 2019! 6-months culinary internships while you study Israeli and Middle-Eastern cuisines

The Curriculum

Study subjects

Young chefs and cooks with a background in professional cooking are invited to Tel Aviv to study Israeli, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisine with the unique opportunity of honing their skills and practicing their craft with a 6 months internship at large hotels' dining rooms and restaurant.

Over 15 weekly sessions, you will learn the following topics and then execute related dishes at the ORT Dan Gourmet training kitchens.
1. Israeli Cuisine: Salads, Entrees, Folk Foods, Vegan, Street food and outdoor cooking
2. Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Cuisine and flavor palettes
3. Kosher cooking and traditional Jewish dishes and working with alternatives.
4. Pastry and Desserts
5. Theoretical Lessons: Kosher Kitchen, Kosher Wines & Alcohol, and Israeli and Middle Eastern spices, produce, and ingredients.

 * Topics are subject to change


$1,750 + $250 Registration fees




General Information

New for 2019! We are happy to offer international students the opportunity to study Israeli and Middle Eastern culinary arts in Tel Aviv, Israel! All studies are in English.  These classes are part of the 6-months study and intern program offered together with Study in Israel's Culinary Institute of Israel. Study in our state-of-the-art training kitchens at ORT Dan Gourmet, gain practical international experience rotating cooking and pastry stations in the leading Dan Hotels' kitchens, and – best of all - live in Tel Aviv, enjoying Israel's vibrant nightlife and multi-cultural metropolitan


This is an advanced culinary course (not suitable for complete beginners), limited to 24 students, and taught in English. To see prices and whether you qualify, see program website:  www.culinaryinstituteofIsrael.com


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