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Culinary Studies Institute

Dan Gourmet sets new standards for studying cooking, baking and pastry in Israel, and meets the stringent requirements used in professional cooking schools around the world. With huge kitchens equipped with the most advanced technology of its kind, Dan Gourmet brings exciting culinary individual and team work in the best learning conditions.



About ORT Dan Gourmet - The Israel Center for Culinary Studies

Established over 40 years ago, ORT Dan Gourmet continues to be Israel's largest and leading culinary arts and cooking training institution. Stemming from the collaboration between ORT Israel Schools and Dan Hotels, we pride ourselves that our students enjoy high-quality professional studies and training, as well as practical knowledge and skills, launching their careers in the culinary arts world.


About the Dan Hotels Chain – First Class hotels in Israel

Since the establishment of the State of Israel, the Dan Hotels chain continues to set high standards in all its hotels, and has been the hotel industry’s standard bearer, through its work procedures and also due to the professional training of all employees. The Dan Hotels chain comprises 13 hotels, totaling 3,816 rooms, out which the Israel Ministry of Tourism has rated the majority of the chain's hotels as First Class.



 With over 210 schools and 600,000 graduates, ORT Israel is the largest educational network in Israel for science and technology education and has been operating in Israel since 1949.

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